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Effective Keyword Targeting: The Key To Growing Traffic & Revenue
Columnist Trond Lyngbo explains how proper keyword targeting is the key to improving your site's visibility in search engines.

Do You Hate “Not Provided”? Not So Fast… It May Be a Blessing In Disguise!
Things have certainly changed since Google took away keyword referral data, but columnist Stephan Spencer argues that these changes were for the better.

Are We Reaching the End of the Keyword Era?
This time, the humble keyword may actually be going by the wayside. And because of that, search marketing practitioners are going to need to develop a new set of skills to adapt.

From Anne Hathaway to Zoella, Readly launches keyword search function to revolutionise magazine consumption
Readly, the ‘all-you can-read’ magazine platform for tablets and smartphones, is changing the face of magazine consumption with the launch of its new keyword search function, which

4 Steps to Modern Keyword Research in 2015
Try a new, niche-based approach to keywords, which allows you to double or even triple the list of profitable keywords in your SEO arsenal.

Facebook Removes Microsoft Bing Search Feature
Facebook has over a trillion status updates, text posts, photos and pieces of content archived, which is why the social network company has been heavily focused on improving its search engine. Over the last few years, Facebook displayed results from for keyword searches since they had a partnership with Microsoft. [...]

How SEO Actually Improves Content Quality
In spite of the many people that might state otherwise, SEO and content can actually be best friends - here's a look at why.

3 Best Practices for Utilizing the Newest Bid Strategy for Outranking Competitors by @michaelaknight
Having a hard time out-bidding your biggest competitors with any of your keyword search campaigns? There’s a new, and more discreetly implemented bid strategy that can help you show your ads above the competition whom you thought were ‘above your reach.’ With Google’s new bid strategy “Target outranking share,” you can do just that. There has been no official AdWords blog post on the specific ...

Facebook Brings Graph Search To Mobile And Lets You Find Feed Posts By Keyword
Facebook is finally getting serious about search. Today it’s challenging Google for finding answers and Twitter for checking real-time chatter with the launch of keyword search. Two years after launching semantic “My friends who…” search for people, places, and photos on the web, Graph Search is rolling out on iOS in the US along with the new keyword search option… Read More

New Premium Domain Names; Finance.Investments, Headhunt.Company, Valuate.Property & More Available for Exclusive ...
Houses, apartments, storefronts, offices, etc in major cities around the world are lucrative properties. As the internet continues to grow and be essential parts of our lives, a brand-able, exact keyword and easy-to-remember domain name are premium e-properties. Owning a premium, easy-to-remember and exact keyword phrase domain names like; Finance.Investments, Headhunt.Company, Valuate.Property ...

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